NLIHC has a Policy Advisory Committee of its members to help inform policy decisions made by NLIHC’s Board of Directors. Two members of NLIHC’s Board of Directors Chair and Co-Chair NLIHC’s Policy Advisory Committee.

While the Board has ultimate authority and responsibility for establishing the public policy positions taken by the organization, the Policy Advisory Committee acts as an important place for open discussion and idea sharing by Committee members.

In addition to all NLIHC Board members, the Policy Advisory Committee is also comprised of NLIHC members who have an interest in participating in discussions around the formation, direction, and application of NLIHC’s policy positions. The Committee is staffed by NLIHC’s Senior Vice President for Policy and Research.

Members of the National Low Income Housing Coalition are encouraged to inform the public policy setting process through participation in the Policy Advisory Committee. The purpose of the Policy Advisory Committee is to examine emerging public policy issues and recommend positions to be taken by NLIHC.

NLIHC members who wish to participate in the Committee must be appointed by the NLIHC Board Chair, who strives to assure a range of perspectives are included. The Committee meets regularly by conference call to hear updates on Congressional and Administrative policy issues, to discuss particular policies, and to discuss the nature and format of NLIHC’s response to various policies.

For more information about the Policy Advisory Committee, contact Sarah Saadian Mickelson, Senior Director of Policy, [email protected].