Housing is important to everyone.

When you donate to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, you’re giving to a unique organization that truly makes a difference in meeting the housing needs of extremely low income people. Here are the top three reasons why we think you should give now:

  1. We are uniquely committed to serving the lowest income Americans. NLIHC is the only organization of its kind dedicated solely to socially just housing policy for extremely low income Americans. Extremely low income households are those earning 30% of the area median income or less. Often including seniors, children and people with disabilities, extremely low income households are the only population experiencing an absolute shortage of affordable housing. As a result, they are the most vulnerable to substandard housing conditions, overcrowding, high rates of eviction, involuntary residential mobility and homelessness. Your support strengthens our advocacy work.
  2. Our network connects and empowers housing advocates of all kinds. NLIHC does not represent any one segment of the housing sector. Rather, we work with and on behalf of low income people in need of affordable homes. NLIHC members include homeless service providers, state and local housing coalitions, public housing agencies, researchers and policy makers, local and state government agencies, faith-based organizations, public and assisted housing residents and organizations, and concerned citizens. As a result, NLIHC’s work is informed by a diverse spectrum of affordable housing stakeholders, but our only obligation is to the people most in need of affordable and decent homes.
  3. NLIHC counts on donors like you. NLIHC is funded entirely by private donations and member dues. Because of this, we retain complete impartiality in our policy analysis and integrity in our policy recommendations. As an advocacy organization, this is no small distinction. We rely on robust relationships with individuals like you to support our work.

We hope you consider making a donation to the National Low Income Housing Coalition today, and help spread the word about NLIHC and the good work we do. Click here to donate!

For more questions and comments, please contact Steven Sanchez-Moore, Development Coordinator, at [email protected] or 202.662.1530 x234.