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NLIHC published a new report, The National Housing Trust Fund: A Summary of 2018 State Projects. Part of NLIHC’s effort to document the impact of the national Housing Trust Fund (HTF), the report summarizes how each state and the District of Columbia planned to use $267 million allocated in 2018 by the HTF.

On September 8, 2022, NLIHC published The National Housing Trust Fund: An Overview of 2017 State Projects. In September 2018, NLIHC published a preliminary report examining the 2016 HTF awards, Getting Started: First Homes Being Built with National Housing Trust Fund Awards, later supplementing the report with additional data as more states provided the necessary information (“Supplemental Update to Getting Started”). NLIHC will continue providing such reports in the future.

Educational Resources & Publications

Articles, fact sheets, templates, webinar slides, videos, and more that explain aspects of the Housing Trust Fund (HTF) and its regulations.Use these resources as a guide for you advocacy, especially to influence your state's HTF Allocation Plan.

Getting Started

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Note: The Supplement to "Getting Started" (November 2019) is available for Download

Basic HTF Information

The HTF is a federal block grant to states that is used for the development, preservation, rehabilitation, and operation of affordable homes targeted primarily to extremely low income renter households.

15 Short Papers Covering Key Features of the HTF Regulations

The items below present key portions of the national Housing Trust Fund law and interim regulations, broken down by key topic areas.

  1. About the National Housing Trust Fund
  2. Formula for Distributing NHTF States
  3. Focus on Extremely Low Income Renters
  4. Influencing Where the Money Goes
  5. Public Participation and the ConPlan
  6. How Can the Money Be Used in General?
  7. Eligible Project Costs
  8. Operating Cost Assistance
  9. Homeowner Features
  10. Ineligible Activities
  11. Key Time Frames
  12. Tenant Selection and Protection
  13. Fair Housing Features
  14. Site and Neighborhood Standards
  15. Serving People with Disabilities

The national Housing Trust Fund: Getting to Know the Regulations

Allocation Plan

The national Housing Trust Fund (HTF) statute requires your state to develop an HTF Allocation Plan each year. The statute requires public participation in the development of a state’s HTF Allocation Plan. The HTF statute and interim regulations also specify basic content of an HTF Allocation Plan. The public participation requirements required in drafting each year’s HTF Allocation Plan is an advocacy opportunity – be sure to make the best of it.

Congressional Briefing - October 29, 2018