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NLIHC created the Rental Housing Programs Database (RHPD) to generate a better understanding of the diverse ways in which state and local governments use their own financial resources to close the gap between available federal funding for rental housing and the unmet needs of renters in their communities. The RHPD captures information on state and locally funded programs that create, preserve, or increase access to affordable rental housing; it includes program goals, target populations, tenant eligibility requirements, and other program characteristics. Explore the database below or read a summary of findings from the 2023 RHPD update in our report, State and Local Investments in Rental Housing


Use the interactive map and filters below to explore the landscape of state- and locally funded rental housing programs in the U.S. To learn more about a program, click on its name in the database below; a pop-up will appear with full program details, including a link to the program’s website if available. To download the data as an Excel file, please click the “Export List (XLSX)” button. Please note that the download will only include the programs displayed in the table – to obtain information for all programs in the RHPD, please click “Reset” to remove all filters. Please email [email protected] to report updates or corrections to the information presented here. 

Program Name Location Program Type ? Income Eligibility Threshold ? Duration ?
Multifamily Bond Program Alabama Capital resources Other income eligibility criteria
Empowering Choice Housing Program Alaska Tenant-based rental assistance 50% AMI or less Long-term (more than 2 years)
Basic Homeless Assistance Program Anchorage, Alaska Tenant-based rental assistance 50% AMI or less Transitional (7 months - 2 years)
Senior Citizen Housing Development Fund Alaska Capital resources The program does not limit eligibility based on income Affordability period is 30 years
Special Needs Housing Program Anchorage, Alaska Project-based rental assistance 50% AMI or less No predetermined time limit
Teacher, Health Professional and Public Safety Housing Program (THHP) Alaska Capital resources
Private Activity Bond Arizona Capital resources
El Portal Tucson, Arizona Tenant-based rental assistance 80% AMI or less No predetermined time limit
Community Living Program Arizona Both rental assistance & capital resources, Capital resources, Project-based rental assistance The program does not limit eligibility based on income
Property Tax Credit Arizona Tenant tax relief $20,000 or less