DHRC Releases New Fact Sheets on the Housing Impact of Recent Major Disasters

The Disaster Housing Recovery Coalition (DHRC) – an NLIHC-led coalition of over 800 organizations collaborating to ensure equitable disaster housing recovery, especially for the lowest-income people and communities – has released a set of new fact sheets on the housing impacts of major disasters in 2017 and 2018. Developed by NLIHC with the assistance of DHRC members and partners, the fact sheets detail how many aspects of each recovery effort were not accessible to those most in need of assistance. The fact sheets cover Hurricanes Harvey, Maria, and Michael as well as the 2018 California Wildfires and address specific recovery issues such as high assistance denial rates among low-income survivors, the extremely slow pace of federal funding, and the failure to utilize housing programs proven to work during previous disaster recovery efforts. They also include timelines of the approval and release of federal recovery funding as well as the disasters’ costs and damage to life and property.

In addition to the fact sheets, a recent DHRC webinar on the state of recovery in Puerto Rico on the two-year anniversary of Hurricane Maria is now available online and with Spanish-language subtitles. The webinar covers ongoing issues in the Puerto Rico recovery and describes DHRC members and partners’ ongoing efforts to address the delays in federal disaster assistance to the island and to ensure the Puerto Rican people have a voice in how those funds are spent. 

View the new fact sheets on the NLIHC disaster recovery resources page at: https://bit.ly/2GH3Dqb

View the Hurricane Maria two-year commemoration webinar at: https://bit.ly/33400Ur