Five Ways to Take Action Between Now and the Election

U.S. Representatives and Senators are scheduled to return to their home districts and states between October 10 and November 11, but they may head back home as early as next week. Their return home gives affordable housing and community development organizations the opportunity to influence a number of critical issues before Congress and to help break through the noise of the presidential campaigns to make affordable housing an election issue.

To help advocates make full use of this time, NLIHC has created a Summer/Fall 2016 Advocacy Guide, outlining the five key ways organizations can take action between now and the November elections to advocate for the issues that are most important to their mission, the people they serve, and their community.

The advocacy guide covers ways you can help increase federal spending on key housing programs, expand and improve the Low Income Housing Tax Credit, ensure that housing needs are addressed in criminal justice reform, use NLIHC Voterization resources to engage voters and candidates, and support the Make Room campaign—an initiative to demand that Congress make affordable housing a top priority.

See NLIHC’s Summer/Fall Advocacy Guide at:  

See NLIHC’s Sample Candidate Questionnaire at:

For more information and best practices on how nonprofit organizations and individuals can lobby their elected officials, see the “Lobbying: Individual and 501(c)(3) Organizations” chapter in NLIHC’s 2016 Advocates’ Guide at: