HAC Webinar to Discuss Energy Efficient Affordable Housing

The Housing Assistance Council (HAC) will hold a webinar on “Strategies for Achieving Energy Efficient, Affordable Housing” on July 14 at 2 pm ET. The webinar will offer insight into energy-efficient construction practices, including how to maximize energy efficiency while keeping costs in check. Attendees will learn the role of Home Energy Raters in the design and construction process and see the specifications for homes that are achieving varying levels of energy efficiency. The webinar will cover what it takes to achieve a net-zero home—one that produces as much energy as it uses annually.

According to the Energy Information Administration, nearly one-third of households experience some type of “energy insecurity” over the course of a year. Energy insecurity describes the interplay of the physical conditions of housing, household energy expenditures, and energy-related coping strategies, and it disproportionately impacts low-income households as they pay higher proportions of their income to electric and gas bills and will often set thermostats to unsafe levels to reduce energy costs.

RESNET Program Director Roy Meres will be the presenter.

The webinar will be held on July 14 at 2 pm ET. More information is at: https://bit.ly/3qTnh8Z

Register at: https://bit.ly/3wlheeo