Join NLIHC for #GivingTuesday on November 30: Give for Affordable Homes!

With #GivingTuesday coming on November 30, NLIHC encourages you to give for affordable homes!

NLIHC’s ability to mobilize the affordable housing community and advance bold affordable housing solutions has been clearly demonstrated during our response to the pandemic and our push for anti-racist policies to achieve long-term universal, stable, affordable homes for those most in need. We have mobilized thousands of advocates on our many calls/webinars, sign-on campaigns, and other calls-to-action. We leveraged that strength and our high-quality research and policy analysis to have a strong, ongoing impact on members of Congress and the administration. Decision makers have relied on NLIHC for our advice and guidance, often incorporating our specific policy recommendations into their solutions. The pandemic housing and homelessness resources and protections enacted have been historic, as have the administration’s and Congress’s proposals for long-term housing solutions – in all cases strongly influenced by NLIHC policy recommendations.

NLIHC’s state and local partners have been at our side and doing essential on-the-ground work. With NLIHC’s launch of two major campaigns in 2021 – the End Rental Arrears to Stop Evictions (ERASE) project and the HoUSed campaign for long-term anti-racist universal, stable, affordable housing policies – NLIHC has been able to support dozens of these partners with subgrants, technical assistance, peer-learning opportunities, and more. There has never been a more important moment for the work of NLIHC and our state and local partners than right now – as decision makers consider the “Build Back Better Act” with truly historic affordable housing investments.

On #GivingTuesday this year, give to NLIHC or seek out the homeless services and affordable housing providers and advocates in your community and support their work.

How to support NLIHC and our partners on #GivingTuesday:

  • Use your voice to call for federal solutions to ensure people with the lowest incomes have access to decent, affordable homes. Your participation in this advocacy with decision makers is the most important gift you can give!
  • Become a member of NLIHC or support NLIHC’s work to increase affordable housing for people with the greatest needs.
  • Connect with one of NLIHC’s state partners to support them in their work.
  • Sign up for updates and calls to action from NLIHC.

Find your NLIHC state partner at:

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Thank you for your advocacy and your support!