Join Tenant Talk Live on September 13: Avenues to Homeownership for Low-Income Renters

Join NLIHC’s Tenant Talk Live webinar today, Monday, September 13 at 6 pm ET (5 pm CT, 4 pm MT, 3 pm PT). We will discuss resources available for renters interested in becoming homeowners. NLIHC recently surveyed residents in our network for future webinar topics, and many suggested homeownership opportunities. While NLIHC’s work is mainly concentrated on making rent affordable for the lowest-income renters, we recognize the importance of holding a space for individuals to discuss why becoming a homeowner is so difficult and existing resources and programs that reduce barriers to homeownership for low-income households.

The webinar will discuss current challenges in the current housing market, practical options for tenants to become homeowners, and resources to help them do so. Tenant Talk Live is also an opportunity for renters to share their experiences and identify opportunities to make change in their communities. NLIHC Housing Advocacy Organizer Sidney Betancourt will be joined by Patricia Fron, co-executive director of Chicago Area Fair Housing Alliance (CAFHA) and Jerry Johnson, who is a member of CAFHA’s Housing Choice Voucher Leader Board. NLIHC staff members will provide policy and emergency rental assistance updates.

NLIHC is committed to connecting and engaging with resident leaders in new, robust ways. If you are a low-income resident and have a topic you would like to propose, or if you want to be a speaker on an upcoming webinar, email: [email protected]

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