Less than Two Weeks to National Housing Week of Action, May 30-June 5

Our Homes, Our Voices National Housing Week of Action, May 30-June 5, is less than two weeks away!  Planning is underway in communities across the nation. Learn more about events and activities in a community near you at: www.ourhomes-ourvoices.org. If you have not yet registered your event with Our Homes, Our Voices, please do so today at www.ourhomes-ourvoices/current-events or email ourhomes@nlihc.org.  Let us know how we can help.

Plan Your Event for Maximum Participation and Effectiveness

As you prepare for your event, consider these tips and resources:

  1. Check out all the resources available on the Our Homes, Our Voices Resources page, like shareable infographics with the Week of Action branding as well as data on the U.S. affordable housing shortage and recent public polling on the affordable housing crisis and its solutions.
  2. Visit the Preparing Your Events page at www.ourhomes-ourvoices.org for tips and considerations on planning for various types of events.
  3. Create a Facebook event page where you can invite community advocates, collect RSVPs, and connect with the Our Homes, Our Voices Facebook group. Instructions on how to produce a Facebook event page are available here.
  4. Promote your event on Twitter and other social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #OurHomesOurVoices, allowing NLIHC and others to see your event announcement and retweet or cross-post.
  5. Find coalition partners in your community to co-sponsor the event and promote it within their networks. Consider co-sponsorships with non-traditional advocacy partners confronting housing affordability challenges in their work, like those working in education, healthcare, and labor rights.
  6. Use the fillable event posters available on the Resources page that include the Week of Action branding and messaging customizable to include the details for your event.

New resources this week: Media Toolkit for Week of Action events. Amplify the message of your event by engaging media in your community. The Media Toolkit provides templates for press releases, press advisories, op-ed articles, sample Tweets for tweetstorms, and much more.

If you have questions as you spread the word about your event or you would like additional materials, please contact NLIHC at: ourhomes@nlihc.org

Thank you for your leadership as we prepare for another exciting National Housing Week of Action!