More Dates Added for CHDO Staff Training

As previously announced (see Memo, 2/29), HUD will hold 11 two-day courses about the HOME Investment Partnerships (HOME) program’s Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) regulatory requirements. The courses are targeted to representatives of prospective CHDOs and new staff of existing CHDOs. Three more dates have been announced: Omaha, NE, April 5-6; Minneapolis, MN, April 12-13; and Phoenix, AZ, April 12-13. Last week Memo reported the first sessions will be in Richmond, VA, March 16-17 and Buffalo, NY, March 29-30. The Little Rock, AR, March 8-9 session has been cancelled.

The statute creating the HOME program sets aside 15% of a Participating Jurisdiction’s (PJ’s) HOME allocation exclusively for CHDOs. CHDOs are nonprofits that have boards of directors with significant low-income community resident representation to whom they are accountable.

Each course will cover:

  • The relationship between CHDOs and PJs;
  • The criteria an organization must meet to be designated a CHDO;
  • Regulatory requirements regarding the development of rental and for-sale housing;
  • The definition of a CHDO as a housing owner, sponsor, or developer; and
  • The incentives a PJ may provide to a CHDO, such as operating assistance (up to 5% of a PJ’s allocation), pre-development cost assistance, and use of CHDO proceeds.

Register for the courses at:

Additional courses will be held in Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, Jackson, MS, Seattle, and Newark, NJ. The dates for these cities will be announced in the future on the HUD Exchange Trainings and Events website:

For more information contact Beth Lindow at [email protected]