NLIHC’s Winter Issue of Tenant Talk to Be Released Next Thursday, February 9!

Every winter, NLIHC releases a new issue of Tenant Talk, our semi-annual newsletter designed to engage residents in housing advocacy. This year’s winter issue, which will highlight the rapid growth of tenant protections in our country and the role played by tenants in the movement for tenants’ rights, will be released on February 9. But you can sign up to receive a free hard copy today! Just visit: 

History shows that tenants play an important role in shaping housing policy during times of crisis. Power imbalances have probably always existed between owners of shelter and those who need access to this shelter to survive, but these imbalances changed during the era of rapid industrialization in the nineteenth century, when tenancy became more common in many parts of the U.S. Since then, tenant groups have formed to fight against unjust living conditions, high rents, and evictions – and that’s just to name a few concerns! In places with histories of tenant movements, such as New York City, the first tenant-related laws were passed as early as the 1860s, and new laws have been fought for by tenant groups ever since. These advocacy efforts have shown time and time again that tenants have the power to push for and enact essential protections, especially during times of crisis.

The new issue of Tenant TalkAdvancing Tenant Protections: Building Tenant Power to Achieve Renter Equity – will give an overview of a broad spectrum of individual, local, and national protections that can be utilized to keep renters in their homes regardless of their income or background. The publication will include articles by renters and tenant advocates, including some members of the NLIHC Tenant and Community Leader cohort, as well as by people with lived expertise who have been impacted by tenant protection legislation. As always, the issue will provide updates from NLIHC on policy, racial equity, and research developments. 

To receive your free hard copy of Tenant Talk, fill out this form, and be sure to let us know how many copies you would like. Please feel free to share the registration link with your network and others who might be interested.