Recap of NLIHC’s 11/7 National HoUSed Campaign Call

NLIHC’s national HoUSed campaign held a call on November 7. Sarah Javaid with the National Women’s Law Center (NWLC) joined the call to discuss housing and economic insecurity among women and LBGTQ people of color. Eva Rosen with the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University and Philip Garboden with the Department of Urban and Regional Planning and the Economic Research Organization at the University of Hawaii shared research on landlord use of the threat of eviction and on racial discrimination in tenant screenings. We received updates from NLIHC’s Our Homes, Our Votes campaign team on the midterm elections and the importance of ensuring representation for low-income and marginalized renters at the polls. We also heard from NLIHC’s End Rental Arrears to Stop Evictions (ERASE) project team about new Treasury ERA data, received updates about developments in Rhode Island and California, and heard the latest news from Capitol Hill.

We have uploaded a recording of the call, as well as presentation slides.

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Resources discussed on the 11/7 call:

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