Rep. Turner Reintroduces Bill Imposing Work Requirements on Foster Youth in Need of Housing

Representative Mike Turner (R-OH) reintroduced on May 9 the “Fostering Stable Housing Opportunities Act,” which would – for the first time ever – impose new burdens, including work, education, training, and self-sufficiency requirements, on individuals who rely on federal housing assistance. NLIHC opposes the bill and urges policymakers to withhold support for the legislation until these harmful provisions are removed.

While the bill aims to address the critical housing needs of youth aging out of the foster care system, NLIHC is deeply concerned that the “Fostering Stable Housing Opportunities Act” sets a troubling and unacceptable precedent. Federal housing programs help prevent homelessness and housing poverty in America. Requiring households to meet new eligibility requirements is counterproductive to this purpose.

Research shows that work requirements do not work and are often counterproductive. Youth exiting the foster-care system face significant barriers to employment. Imposing new burdens will take away the stable housing and services these young people often need to find and maintain work in the first place. In its current form, the bill will lead to more youth living without stable homes – not fewer.

When the bill was introduced in 2018, 27 national housing organizations sent a letter to Representative Turner opposing it as written and encouraging him to remove its harmful work, education, training, and self-sufficiency provisions.

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