Join the Movement! September is NLIHC Membership Month!

September is NLIHC’s annual Membership Month, and we are setting our sights on a third straight year of more than 100 new members. NLIHC is a membership organization comprised of over 1,200 housing advocates, resident associations, local governments, non-profit organizations, and others. Join the national movement to end homelessness and housing poverty in America!

Membership Month

During this time of repeated harmful actions and threatening proposals from the Trump administration, NLIHC members provide a powerful and influential voice and coordinated resistance. The movement for housing justice to end homelessness and housing poverty is growing, and NLIHC’s leadership of new campaigns and innovative policy proposals relies on the support of our broad and active membership. NLIHC Membership Month provides an opportunity to celebrate our members across the country and to grow our collective strength.   

During Membership Month, NLIHC will be unveiling new opportunities for members and advocates to take action and spotlighting legislative efforts that require the active engagement of constituents throughout the country. These constituents are also voters, of course, and Membership Month this year will also highlight the nonpartisan voter and candidate engagement efforts of NLIHC’s Our Homes, Our Votes: 2020 partner-leaders. 

The Membership Month theme this year is “Join the Movement” as NLIHC has always led the movement for affordable homes for those most in need.  To highlight the breadth of our membership, Membership Month will showcase the many different kinds of advocates who support our work and build the momentum of NLIHC campaigns.

If you are not an NLIHC member, join us today and become part of the movement to end homelessness and housing poverty in America.  

  • Join NLIHC during September and be entered into a raffle to win a free registration and hotel stay at NLIHC’s Annual Housing Policy Forum in Washington, DC, March 24-27, 2020. Membership with NLIHC begins at $5 for low-income and student members, with suggested membership rates for other individuals and organizations. Join at whatever contribution level you can afford.  

If you are already a member, help us strengthen the movement. 

  • Recruit others to join you – friends, family members, colleagues, and partner organizations! For every new member you recruit, you will be entered into a raffle to win a free registration and hotel stay at NLIHC’s Annual Housing Policy Forum in Washington, DC, March 25-27, 2020. 

Become an NLIHC member – or renew your membership - at:

Have questions about Membership Month or want to check the status of your membership? Please contact NLIHC’s Field Team at: [email protected]