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Tenant Talk Live calls/webinars provide opportunities for residents to connect with NLIHC and one another, to share best practices, and to learn how to be more involved in influencing federal housing policies and to lead in their communities.  Normally held once a month, Tenant Talk Live is now being offered more frequently to inform and learn from resident and tenant leaders are organizing throughout the country.

Stay tuned for the next session and registration is open.

2024 TENANT TALK LIVE (January - June)

This schedule is subject to change.

    Memo to Members and Partners Articles

    Apply to Join NLIHC’s 2024-2025 Collective Cohort!

    NLIHC is currently recruiting members of its next Collective cohort! The Collective is a group of tenant advocates and community leaders with lived experience of housing insecurity who work towards housing justice and racial equity in their neighborhoods and greater communities. The group convenes…

    15-1 Research Updates

    By Dan Emmanuel, Mackenzie Pish, and Sarah Abdelhadi, NLIHC The Gap NLIHC published its annual report The Gap on March 14. The report finds that the lowest-income renters in the U.S. face a shortage of 7.3 million affordable and available rental homes. The shortage has increased by almost 500,000…

    15-1 Policy Updates

    By Kim Johnson, NLIHC Note: Given the fast-changing nature of the legislative process, some information in this article may be outdated by the time of publication. HUD’s Fiscal Year 2024 Budget The U.S. Congress passed and President Biden signed into law on March 8 a fiscal year (FY) 2024…

    15-1 NLIHC’s Collective 2023-2024 Update

    By Sid Betancourt, NLIHC Members of NLIHC’s 2023-2024 Collective have been hard at work connecting with one another, engaging in advocacy, and helping plan NLIHC events. The group first met during the second annual Collective Retreat on October 6-9 in Albany, Georgia, returning to the sacred…