Tenant Talk | Volume 11, Issue 3

NLIHC offers its fall 2020 edition of Tenant Talk: Housing is Built with Ballots, a publication dedicated to low-income residents and their allies. This newest edition focuses on voter registration and mobilization during the 2020 presidential election, the major party platforms on housing, and the tools and resources available from NLIHC’s Our Homes, Our Votes project for resident leaders and nonprofits for nonpartisan voter and candidate engagement during this critical election year and beyond. 

This Tenant Talk delves into such topics as the history of voter suppression in the U.S. and its impact on low-income residents; voter engagement tools and resources; state-specific voting information including laws, restrictions, key dates, and deadlines; the new NLIHC-led Our Homes, Our Votes Housing Providers Council; how the affordable housing and homelessness crisis continues to shape the 2020 presidential election; the DNC and RNC party platforms and their approaches to affordable housing; and many others. This edition also discusses state and local rental assistance programs during COVID-19 and provides information about the national eviction moratorium announced by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) effective September 1, 2020.

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