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The ERASE Cohort is a selected group of state and local nonprofit partners that are conducting on-the-ground partnership development, capacity building, outreach and education, policy reform and systems change work to ensure that ERA funds reach renters and small landlords with the greatest need for assistance, especially Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) and other marginalized people and communities and build support for long term housing solutions.  

Working on both individual and group projects, the cohort goals are: 

  1. Influence programs to accelerate equitable distribution of emergency rental assistance funds​.
  2. Advance strategies, legislation, and policy that promote tenant protections, eviction diversion , and prevention.
  3. Ensure transparency and support program improvement through data collection and analysis. 

The ERASE Cohort meets through Biweekly All Cohort and Working Group Calls to advance ERA in their communities. Through this Learning Collaborative, grantees discuss program progress, challenges, engage in real time problem solving and peer support.

The Impact of ERASE

Members of the 2021-2022 ERASE Cohort engaged in court watching programs, led advocacy campaigns, collected tenant stories, and produced original research to advance equitable emergency rental assistance at the state and local levels. Click on the links below to access summary reports on innovative work supported by the 2021-2022 ERASE Cohort:


The 2022-2023 ERASE Cohort

NLIHC sees an opportunity to leverage the success of the federal ERA program by mobilizing our state and local partners to ensure that the gains made in setting up systems to provide emergency assistance and prevent evictions are sustained and provide a basis for establishing permanent emergency rental assistance programs and tenant protections that meet the needs of all low-income renters.

The 2022-2023 ERASE Cohort is a group of 24 state and local nonprofit partners working together to lead advocacy campaigns, collect tenant stories, and produce original research that will advance tenant protections and permanent ERA programs.

Click on the link below to read more about the 2023 ERASE cohort members' work.

Members of the ERASE Cohort meet during biweekly All Cohort and Working Group Calls to advance ERA in their communities. Through this Learning Collaborative, grantees discuss program progress and challenges and engage in real-time problem solving and peer support.

For more information, contact Sarah Gallagher, ERASE Senior Project Director, at [email protected].